The Great Space Race

Cosmic congratulations to our three teams of intrepid Makers: The Blue! The Yellow! The Red!

All three teams worked hard to creatively meet the challenges set out by the Master of the Makerspace (aka Jamieson). The journey has finally come to an end, the votes have been tallied, and a winner has been declared: The Blue Team wins the Great Space Race and with it the honor of leading the peoples of the galaxy for a year!

Thank you to all the young Makers who participated, to our stellar volunteers, and to everyone who came to our Great Space Race Maker Fair to check it out. 

If you were on a Maker Team you can pick up your projects and badges at the front desk starting next week (Monday, October 23rd).

See you all next year!

A Great Race to Rule the Galaxy

One thousand years ago the galaxy almost ceased to exist. A long and terrible war of all-against-all was fought by the many spacefaring species of the galaxy. The fighting only ceased with the invention of Black Hole Bombs. These hideous weapons of super-massive destruction forced everyone to come to the negotiating table. A bold and brilliant new way to solve conflict was born. They called it:THE GREAT SPACE RACE. Since then, once a year, young MAKERS from across the galaxy are called on to come together to crew and race powerful ships. The crew that wins the race, wins the honor of leading the peoples of the galaxy for a year. 

The race is filled with dangers and traps. Each crew will need to guide their ship through asteroid fields, gather essential supplies, fix broken ship components, and avoid deadly pirates.  Each ship will rely on every member of its crew. 

You are hereby called on to take part in this epic adventure! Use your courage and wits to help your ship traverse the galaxy.

Below you can see the current progress of each team in the race.

Cheer them on to victory in real-time.

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What is the Great Space Race.

The Federation, Empire, and Coalition are always competing for power and wealth above the others in the galaxy.

They have sent crews of Makers to win the race and the right to rule the galaxy. 

Who are the Makers?

Makers are an elite crew of science and technology explorers. These explorers boldly go where no one has gone before and come back to tell the tales. 

You are a Maker. You have been selected out of millions of people to go on this dangerous mission across the galaxy. Every task you complete will bring your crew one step closer to winning the right for your people to rule for one more year. 

Last Races Fake Asteroid Incident

Hitchhiking in Space is Discouraged

The Story So Far...

Landing on a seemingly peaceful world, our Makers stumbled upon a dilemma. The trees had stolen their spark plugs mistaking them for Acorns. So, taking control of their squirrel drones and hindering their opponents in VR headsets, they set about stealing the nuts back!

The second leg of our Great Space Race is under way with yellow leading the pack! The captains among the makers developed new and improved robots to assist them in their journey, and our teams reacted quickly to the terrifying heat leeches in their comma relays. Learning on the go the makers repaired their relays in a flash casting the leeches back into the void!

The Race is away and our Makers are showing their metal, or should we say plastic? Surveying an alien planet planet, the makers were assigned to send back information on a new lifeform discovered there. All the crews worked valiantly and sent back magnificent models.