Room Rentals

Airdrie Public Library offers two rooms for rent. Due to limited availability, these rooms can only be rented to registered non-profit organizations and other non-profits at the library's discretion. For more information, please contact


  • Half Day (up to 4 hours): $25.00

  • Full Day (over 4 hours): $50.00

Additional Fees

  • DVD player (in-house use only): $5.00

  • Digital Projector: $25.00

  • TV/Laptop Connection: $25.00

  • Videoconference Equipment: $25.00

  • Miscellaneous Equipment: $5.00 (flipchart, white board, overhead projector)

Airdrie Public Library is proud to offer RISE video conferencing equipment which allows for people to connect with one another virtually anywhere in the world. Visit the RISE Network website for more information and a calendar of upcoming video conference seminars. 

For more information on organizing a video conference for your business, community/support group, or class, please contact