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Featured Artists for May & June:
Gary W Giesbrecht, Afshan Khan and Idress Farooqi

Afshan Khan: I am an abstract visual artist from Rocky View County, Alberta. I mostly work with acrylics using a palette knife. My inspiration come from simple things in life: going for nature walks with my family and our dog, hiking, listening to bird songs early in the morning, going on long drives and exploring nature and it's beauty. As an artist I really appreciate changing seasons, chinooks, rainfall, snow and especially sunset and sunrise. I find the symphony of nature so very inspiring. I enjoy studying the work of my favourite artists from the past and present.

Gary W. Giesbrecht: Since childhood, when he rode a horse to and from school, Gary Giesbrecht had an interest in art. It wasn't until 1997,after seeing a flyer advertising art lessons, did Gary begin life as an artist. Taking inspiration from his earlier days in the rodeo, his subjects tend to be of the western way of life, be it rodeo, horses, cattle, people as well as birds and wildlife. He prefers to work in watercolour, pencil, pen & ink. He has also worked in oils. Lately he has begun photography travelling the back roads of Alberta, in all kinds of weather, in search of birds to learn and capture their traits, habits and nesting area. 

Idress Farooqi