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Featured Artists for March & April:
Keith Gorham, Jerry Loran and Laurel Satter

Keith Gorham has been a well-know and respected tile setter for his entire working career. With retirement close at hand, he made the natural transition into mosaic art and ever since, has worked continuously to create a body of work that is colourful, whimsical and immaculately crafted. All of Keith's pieces are made using ceramic tile and require from two months to over a year to complete due to the highly laborious nature of the process. Keith's results attest to his decades of expertise as a tile artisan, where patience and an eye for intricate detail are invaluable. 

Jerry Loran

Most of what I do now is  in various paint mediums or  sculpturing in clay and assorted wood, metal or found objects. My projects have no limitation as my mind is recreating everything I can possibly imagine. The subjects of my paintings usually take the form of landscapes, both realistic and impressionistic and lately I have been experimenting with the addition of more animals and buildings and 3D texturing. I always do several renditions of the same subject, but in different or combined media until I create the best results for the finished products. 

Laurel Satter has been a resident of Airdrie since 1978. After retiring from a lengthy career in Human Resources, she was determined to learn to paint and draw so took up watercolour painting when she retired in 2016.
Laurel likes to paint real life images that challenges her drawing and painting skills to see if she can create an accurate image in watercolour, pastel, or pencils. Laurel also loves impressionistic art and likes to dabble in Alcohol Ink and let the ink decide what's going to happen. In any case her art tends to be bright and cheerful and is a kaleidoscope of colors and textures that invites the viewer to pause, take a second look and study the image that meets their eye.

Laurel's art skills have been refined from self-teaching, coupled with painting and drawing classes through various Professional Artists in Calgary at Kensington Art Studio, Desert Art Center and Old Town Artisan Studios in Palm Springs, CA