Pastel Nagomi Art Workshop


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Date: Monday, July 15, 2024
Time: 6:15 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.
Program Room

This workshop introduces you to Pastel Nagomi Art by recreating one of the standard pieces designed by Japan Pastel Hope Art Association.  You will learn the tools and the simple techniques used to create Pastel Nagomi Art while having a fun, yet relaxing time.  No previous art experience is necessary for this workshop.

 "Nagomi" meaning harmony, calm and peace, is the main theme behind Pastel Nagomi Art. Originated from Japan, and founded by Mr. Norikatsu Hosoya, Pastel Nagomi Art is a simple artform that uses soft pastels as its main form of medium, powdering or dusting as the main technique, and fingers as its main tool to create beautiful paintings.  He believes that everyone from children to the elderly can create these paintings.  His purpose is to create "artwork that can be easily drawn in just a few minutes to calm your mind, awaken you to hope, and make you feel energetic and healthy".  With the therapeutic, calming and relaxing tendencies of doing this type of art, Pastel Nagomi Art has become very popular in the fast-paced countries of Asia.
About your facilitator:
Emily Pun has always had a love for art.  She was first introduced to using soft pastels back when she took art lessons in high school.  With Pastel Nagomi Art being increasingly popular in Asia over the last decade, she became very intrigued with this artform - especially since it uses soft pastels.  She later worked towards becoming a certified Pastel Nagomi Art instructor by completing the JPHAA Certified Associate Instructor Course that allows her to teach Pastel Nagomi Art.  She wishes to bring this artform to Airdrie!