by Airdrie poet, Spencer Miller

One day,

you’ll fall in love with a book.

Like really fall in love with a book.

Like take it home to meet your mom fall in

love with a book. Like when another book

walks by you don’t even look fall in love with

a book. Like you can’t wait to get between

the sheets fall in love with a book.

You’ll spend Sunday morning lying in bed

staring deeply into each other’s eyes. When

you have to leave, you’ll fold down the

corner of the page so that tonight you can

get right back to where you left off.

Soon, the book will come to occupy every

corner of your mind. You’ll catch yourself

daydreaming at work. Imagining its gilded

edges and running your fingers slowly up its

spine. It’s true love. At least for a few more


When it comes to an end, you’ll stay friends.

You’ll check in every once and awhile, just to

see how it’s doing. It’s really happy now.

Moved to New York and living on the top

floor of the Best Sellers List. You’ll give it a

call anyways. You’re in town, staying at the

Library, and want to see if you could take it

out, just for one night; to see if you can’t get

it paperback. When you pick it up, it’s

wearing a pretty new cover. And it’s gotten a

little forward now. But you don’t mind,

because you’re ready

to fall completely

back in love

with a book.

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