Photo Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

Solve the clues and take a photo of each location across Airdrie.

Submit your completed scavenger hunt online by August 31 to be entered to win a draw.

1. The tallest building in Airdrie, It has the most STORIES.

2. You can't fight the decisions that are made here

3. Conquer all terrains and learn more about Airdrie and military history

4. There are no NOSE bleed seats for this outdoor concert area

5. Be born into fitness at this locale

6. It's a splash to have fun at this park

7. They may be out for the summer, but you can still learn plenty at this office

8. You don't need to be an conductor to climb aboard this location

9. No religious affiliation is needed to take in a show here

10. This community organization links together different groups

11. A hydration station that can be seen around the city

12. The people that always get their man are stationed here

13. Stop, drop, and roll yourself to one of these locations in Airdrie

14. Please don't drink from one of the many of these features in Airdrie

15. You don't make cash deposits/withdrawals at this kind of bank that supports citizens

16. This buckaroo waves hello or goodbye as you drive through Airdrie

17. A gift from our Sister city

18. Cut or scrape, this is the place to get stitched up

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