ART Saturday: Sketching

Supported by TD Bank

Welcome to ART Saturdays!

Draw a dog from home with local artist Jaye Benoit! Using basic drawing supplies that everyone will have on hand, Jaye will show you how to measure out your drawing, how to put the parts in the right place, and how to shade and add realistic long fur. Both adults and kids (ages 9+) will learn a lot!


Tip: To get a fine point on your eraser, have an adult use an exacto knife to cut the eraser end on an angle (to form a wedge shape). This will give you small sharp corners for erasing.

Jaye Benoit holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alberta with a focus on contemporary painting and drawing. Her studio practice includes oil painting, mixed-media works, and installations that explore the relationship between spirituality and the built environment. Jaye creates out of her home studio in Airdrie, Alberta. Her work is exhibited across Canada and resides in private collections internationally. Jaye has also partaken in residencies to grow and develop her practice and has been involved in a number of community events and artistic initiatives through her work with arts organizations in Edmonton, Calgary, and Airdrie.

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