Meet APL’s 2023 Writer in Residence: Alex Williamson

Photo by Ashley-Rae Photography


Most of Alex Williamson’s life revolves around books, health, and sword fighting. He has a combined 17 years experience in both modern sport fencing and historical European martial arts, and holds nine medals in

Canada and the USA. Martial arts are how Alex supports his physical health as he lives with cystic fibrosis, a

genetic disease with multiple and varied symptoms. The constant need for compassion in the face of

often frightening illnesses very much informs his writing.

Alex’s first book of poetry, Very Bright, Almost Pretty, was released in 2020 by Frontenac House Ltd., and was a best seller in Calgary, Alberta. Poetry has taught him the beauty and the value of being honest about ugly things. He also has short stories and poetry published in different magazines and anthologies.

Alex currently is working in the construction industry, writing proposals, estimates, and internal polices, which has introduced me to the business side of writing and language. Alex lives and writes in Airdrie, Alberta.

Alex will be meeting with local writers 1:1 and hosting 4 workshops during the month of November. Registration opens October 8, 2023 9am