Great Books for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Check out these staff created lists of recommended books for children 0-5 years.

Recommended Preschool Books - Preschoolers

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Great books for preschoolers (March 2020)     Great books for preschoolers (August 2019)

Recommended Preschool Books - Toddlers

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Great books for toddlers (March 2020)    Great books for toddlers (August 2019)

Recommended Preschool Books - Babies

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Great books for babies (March 2020)     Great books for babies (August 2019)

Tips for selecting books by age

Choosing books for babies and toddlers:
  • Books with repetition of sounds and words. Books that say a lot with simple language.
  • Books that illustrate the primary things in your child’s life.
  • Books that are just the right size for small hands.
  • Books of nursery rhymes, lullabies and songs.
  • Books that are sturdy and will stand up to being chewed, pounded or covered in mushed banana.
  • Books with simple, uncluttered illustrations of familiar shapes.
  • Books that have physical “tricks” such as finger holes, opening doors and peek holes to encourage interaction and involvement.
  • Wordless books that stimulate babies and toddlers visually and mentally and encourage them to create their own stories.
  • Books in various formats such as board books, cloth books, small chunky books and plastic “bath” books.

Choosing books for preschoolers
  • Books that reflect the everyday world familiar to children, such as playing with friends, visiting family and going to sleep.
  • Books that encourage children to play with words and phrases.
  • Books that both you and your child can enjoy.
  • Books with simple, repetitive text that encourages children to join in during read alouds.
  • Books that present extraordinary as well as ordinary situations.
  • Books that will stretch a child’s attention span and build vocabulary.
  • Books that confirm and expand a child’s view of the world.
  • Books of poetry and verse.
  • Theme-related reading to enhance experiences and events.
  • Large-format books for reading to groups of children.

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