Board of Trustees

Board Members

Tina Petrow - Councillor
Candice Kolson – Councillor
Daniel Nelles – Board Chair
Shelley Sweet – Vice Chair
Kayla Jessen-White
Leon Cygman
Tanner Desrosiers
Dustin Fedun
Cathy Buchanan
Glen Anderson

The Library Board has full management and control to organize, promote, and maintain comprehensive and efficient library services in the municipality. The Board determines the objectives for the library that are appropriate to the needs of the community and re-examines them periodically. The Board also develops policies governing library programs and operations in consultation with the library's director.

A member may sit for up to three terms and additional terms with a 2/3 majority vote by Council resolution stating the member may be appointed for more than three consecutive terms.

Board meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month (excluding July and December) at 6:30 p.m. in the Vincent Room at Aidrie City Hall.  Meetings are two to three hours in length and the public is welcome to attend. The Board also has sub-committees which meet as required. 

For more information on the Library Board, please contact Chairperson Daniel Nelles.

For more information concerning library trusteeship, please visit: