Fall Program List -  See Program Guides for Details

One-to-One Technology Training
Need to brush up on a thing or two?  The library offers private instruction on various technology-related topics.

Make a Website
Learn how you can make a simple and practical website for any reason or occasion.

Coding 101 for Adults
Bring your own computer and learn how to create simple and practical code for any occasion! 

Digitize Your Memories
Learn how to use our photo scanner to create digital images from your film negatives. We will also show you how to digitize your VHS cassettes. Upload your images and videos to the Internet to share with family and friends. 

The Happy Traveller Club
Join travel consultant Marianna Lazar and travel the world. Initial presentation on Monday June 25 and then join her every 4th Monday of the month for an ongoing travel club.

Clubs & Groups
The library is the home base for many local clubs, centering on such activities as knitting, genealogy, Scrabble and more.

Adult Artists
Local artists share their work and passion to inspire other artists, teaching techniques and allowing students to explore and create.

Voice & Vision
Drop-in and celebrate artistic inspiration

Writer's Workshop - World Building
Author Nancy Bell shares her experience and expertise.

Writer's Workshop - The Hero's Journey
Author Nancy Bell shares her experience and expertise.

APL Author Series
Join us for an evening of celebrating the arts! This event features an author reading, a discussion, refreshments, book signing, and a prize draw.

Open Mic Night
Join APL for a poetry Open Mic Night. Come share your literary talents with your community, or come support others. 

Wii and Tales for the Tall
For adults with special needs and their caregivers.

Adult Board Game Nights
For board game enthusiasts!

Adult Strategy Night
Join Fellow Euro-game enthusiasts for an evening of games.

Adult Craft Nights
A different adult oriented craft each night.

How to Teen Your Parent, How to Parent Your Teen
Informative evenings designed to foster positive communication between caregivers and their teens.  

How to Tween Your Parent, How to Parent Your Tween
Informative evenings designed to foster positive communication between caregivers and their teens.  

Financial Literacy Planning Financially for Your New Arrival
This session is for expectant parents who want to plan ahead for maternity and parental leave and be prepared for the new expenses that come with a new arrival

Financial Literacy: Vacations on a Budget
Learn a variety of ways to save money while planning and going on vacation so you can have fun without worrying about money.

Volunteering 101
Volunteer Airdrie will provide an informative session on how to support your community and why it matters. 

Flu Shot Clinic
The library flu clinic will be a drop-in option, providing flu shots to people aged 9+ with an Alberta Health Care card in a comfortable and convenient setting.